A platform from Google for local AI

Coral helps you bring on-device AI application ideas from prototype to production. We offer a platform of hardware components, software tools, and pre-compiled models for building devices with local AI.

We’re making AI more accessible

We’re creating a flexible development system that makes it easy for you to grow embedded AI products into reality.

We believe in privacy-preserving AI

We’re exploring new ways to implement AI by bringing it local, making it fast, reliable, and respectful of user data.

We believe that AI will help create a better world

By working with creators, designers, engineers, manufacturers, and industry, we can help build truly beneficial AI for our world.

Coral technology is enabling a new generation of intelligent devices

Coral provides a complete platform for accelerating neural networks on embedded devices. At the heart of our accelerators is the Edge TPU coprocessor. It's a small-yet-mighty, low-power ASIC that provides high performance neural net inferencing.

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Products flexible for prototyping and production link


Imagine what’s possible with local AI, then move right into proof-of-concept. Our products make it easy to take your idea from sketch pad to workbench.


Our products are designed to grow with you, integrating seamlessly into production processes at any scale.


Robust modular components bring reliable AI to more applications than you ever dreamed possible.

Coral is brought to you by Google Research. link

We’re bringing you the best of Google Research

Coral is a multi-year effort between many teams across Google, including Cloud and TensorFlow.

Excited by our mission? Join us

Our global team includes software engineers, ML engineers, hardware engineers, user experience, and product management.
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Photography: Andy Rogers, Wendy George, Josh Letchworth
Illustrations: Morgane Sanglier, Tabitha Yong