Program overview

Program mission

We believe that AI can help build a more resilient world, especially when we work together with others.

Our partner program amplifies the products and services that bring together a thriving ecosystem towards impactful innovations at the edge.

Program benefits


Drive exposure and value

From tips on how to talk about Coral to highlighting your brand on our site, we’ll work with you to increase visibility and elevate your role in the Coral ecosystem.


Together is better

Connect with our engineers and each other to create integrative solutions and inform priorities as we continue to develop cutting-edge ML solutions.


An eye on the future

We’ll keep you in the loop on relevant upcoming products and initiatives that pertain to Coral and related Google technologies.

Partner categories

Product partners

Partners who enable Coral capabilities through their products. Products may include hardware built "With Coral intelligence" or software and hardware that "Work with Coral" to facilitate various stages in design, development, and deployment.

Explore our product partners by specialty:

Service providers

Select partners with expertise in integrating and deploying systems that use Coral or Coral enabled products.


A network of select retailers and distributors selling Coral products around the world.

See our distributors


Industry leaders who work closely with Coral to develop best-in-class hardware products that leverage on-device ML.

Have a distribution, education or manufacturing opportunity? Contact Coral support.

Enrollment process


Tell us more about your brand, product and specialty by submitting an application to become a partner.


Our team will follow up to ensure you meet the requirements.


Once approved, we’ll share instructions on how to get started, including how you may apply Coral branding to your products.