Coral’s local AI technology enables new possibilities across almost any kind of industry

Building smarter cities

In order to reach the true potential of a “smart city,” AI processing will have to move from the cloud onto secure local devices, maintaining individual privacy, reducing data transfer rates, and enabling quicker reaction times for critical systems.

Coral for smart cities

Helping people get around

Local AI not only helps vehicles drive more safely, it is also used to ensure driver attentiveness, provide seamless control of on-board systems, and verify the smooth operation of countless moving parts under the hood.

Coral for automotive

Keeping people healthy

From patients to providers, local AI can help reduce healthcare costs by enabling more accurate diagnoses, reducing preventable accidents, and improving compliance. Edge devices can also extend healthcare to underserved populations where medical infrastructure might not exist.

Coral for healthcare

Feeding the world’s population

Local AI provides high performance, offline analysis for agriculture challenges that can improve soil quality, plant health, and crop yield in order to produce more food, reduce environmental impact, and enable sustainable farming practices.

Coral for agriculture