May 2019 Updates

An offline compiler, new project tutorials, and MDT updates.

The Coral Team
May 29, 2019

We've recently released the following updates.

Offline compiler

Until now, we offered only a web-based compiler to convert your .tflite files into models that are compatible with the Edge TPU.

So we're excited to now make the Edge TPU Compiler available for download on any Debian-based Linux system. This is a slightly updated compiler compared to the web-based version, as well. In addition to a few bug fixes, the offline compiler supports co-compilation of multiple models. This feature allows for multiple models to share the Edge TPU's on-board RAM as cache space for model parameter data—without co-compilation, running multiple models on the same Edge TPU requires the cache space to be wiped and written every time you run a different model, slowing down each new inference.

Learn more about the co-compilation feature and download the Edge TPU Compiler here.

Project tutorials

We've added a new section on the website that showcases projects you can build with your Coral board. For example, Teachable Machine is a project that guides you through building a machine that can quickly learn to recognize new objects by re-training a vision classification model directly on your device. And Minigo shows you how to create an implementation of AlphaGo Zero and run it on the Coral Dev Board or USB Accelerator. We look forward to adding more project ideas soon.

Check out the projects here.

MDT update

We updated MDT to version 1.3, which includes some bug fixes and support for recursive push/pull commands. You can update your version of MDT with the following command:

pip3 install --user mendel-development-tool --upgrade

Get started with the Enviro board

We released an update to the device tree overlay and Python library required for the Environmental Sensor Board, which resolves some setup issues.

If you faced any trouble during setup, try again using the updated Get Started guide.

Please keep sending us feedback at