July updates

Mendel 5.0, Windows support for PCIe, and open-sourced runtime

The Coral Team
July 22, 2020

Here's what's new from Coral:

Mendel 5.0

We've just released Mendel 5.0 (our OS for the Dev Board and SoM) with the following under-the-hood changes:

  • Upgraded U-Boot bootloader to v2019.04
  • Upgraded Vivante GPU drivers
  • Added support for new 2 GB and 4 GB SoM configurations
  • Separated /home with a partition layout change, so the Home directory is now preserved across system flashes
  • Moved all Mendel packages to a more stable APT repository

You can get the new image from the Software downloads page.

Beta PCIe driver for Windows

We recently released an updated version of the Edge TPU runtime that adds beta support for 64-bit Windows 10 (x86-64) when using any PCIe-based Coral device (such as the M.2 Accelerator, Mini PCIe Accelerator, or the upcoming Accelerator Module).

To use Windows with any of the PCIe card modules, follow the updated Get Started guide. (There's no need to update your runtime if you're not using Windows and a PCIe device.)

Open sourced Edge TPU runtime

We're proud to announce that the Edge TPU runtime source code is now available on GitHub!

So if you've been hoping to use Coral on a platform we currently don't support, then wait no more and go build the Edge TPU runtime on your preferred platform. Just follow the build steps in the GitHub repo README.