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Project Intro

Project summary

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How it works

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More info on the details of the algorithm are here.

This project is a direct re-implementation of Creative Lab’s Teachable Machine web version, and Tensorflow.js notebook on Google’s EdgeTPU.

Help! If you see the message ./ line 116: python3.5: command not found, then the install failed because you don't have Python 3.5 installed. So type python3 --version and press Enter. If it prints Python 3.6 or higher, then open the script and edit the very last line to use python3 instead of python3.5. However, if your Python version is lower than 3.5, you need to install Python 3.5.

What you'll need

Required hardware

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Button circuit hardware

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Acrylic baseplate hardware

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How to build it


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Step 1: Assemble the base plate (optional)

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6.1 Test the button wiring

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6.1 Test the button wiring

6.1 Test the button wiring

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Step 1: Assemble the base plate (optional)

6.1 Test the button wiring

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cd ~/project-teachable
python3 --testui

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End notes