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From startups to enterprise corporations, companies worldwide are discovering new solutions with Coral.

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Whether building solutions that enable the intelligent edge or making Coral products available around the world, these are the partners who make up our ecosystem today.

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Coral’s local AI technology enables new possibilities across many industries

From building smarter cities to helping people get around, industries can do more with fast, efficient and offline, privacy preserving AI at their fingertips.

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Examples that use ML tools from our partners.

Image classification with Perceptilabs

This tutorial shows you how to take a trained model built in PerceptiLabs and export it for compatibility with Coral.

Sound categorization with balenaCloud

This tutorial teaches you how to deploy a Coral Dev Board with a pre-trained sound categorization model, and use a balenaCloud backend to manually review the classifications.

Object detection with MediaPipe

This example uses MediaPipe to perform real-time object detection with your camera.

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