Our Partners

From startups to enterprise corporations, companies worldwide are discovering new solutions with Coral. Whether this means integrating Coral into next generation products, or making Coral products available to customers around the world, we are excited to collaborate with the partners below who share our principles and mission.

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Product partners

Partners that enable Coral capabilities through hardware and software features that facilitate various stages in design, development, and deployment.

Hardware products


Asus is a global electronics company, building next-generation smart technologies to enhance the lives of people everywhere.


Gumstix sells embedded hardware developed for multiple networking capabilities, sensors, and components supporting machine learning & neural networking.

SIANA Systems

SIANA Systems is a design house specialized in the development of Edge & IoT devices. The one-stop shop for taking your AI-enhanced proof-of-concepts to production.


NEXCOM and Google are working together to integrate Coral into a number of industrial fanless gateway computers such as the NISE 50 and NISE 3800.


Easily develop AI solutions in the lab and put them straight to work in the real world, all in a beautiful & friendly package. The fastest way to develop, deploy & manage AI for business at the edge

JeVois Inc.

JeVois manufactures smart machine vision and deep learning cameras.

QNAP Systems, Inc.

QNAP is devoted to providing comprehensive solutions in software development, hardware design and in-house manufacturing solutions that focus on storage, networking and smart video innovations.

IEI Integration Corp.

IEI Integration Corp., top ranked in the industry in Taiwan, aims at leveraging the integration of AI software and hardware as well as the combination of edge computing and AI inference technology. Turn on screen reader support

Neousys Technology

Neousys Technology designs and manufactures industrial grade rugged embedded modules and computer systems with core expertise in edge AI and extreme-rugged computing.


DeepMentor is an Edge AI solution provider offering proprietary design of power-saving edge devices for simultaneous execution of multiple complex AI algorithms.


Smart-I develops AI solutions and video sensors. The integration with Coral provides them with fast and reliable ML services in the areas of Smart City, Industry and Retail, optimizing costs and safety.

IMAGO Technologies GmbH

IMAGO Technologies is a leading manufacturer of intelligent cameras. Their product portfolio includes intelligent line, area, and event-based cameras, deep learning image processing computers and embedded multicore computers.


Survue is a company that produces smart bike lights enabled by AI. Our innovative product enhances riders' safety while reducing incidents with traffic and documents accidents for liability.

Software products


A tool for visually authoring ML models, taking the process of building and training a model to warp speed. With drag and drop UI that makes model architecture easy to build and visualize. Get Started with PerceptiLabs here.


A platform for developing and deploying code to edge devices, including AI / ML applications and models on Coral. Balena enables developers to easily manage, update, and scale their fleets of edge devices.


Specialists in GStreamer based video and audio solutions, embedded Linux development, video based FPGA development, computer vision, deep learning and video based AI


Pratexo is the intelligent edge computing and distributed cloud platform - integrated with Coral - that accelerates the time to design, test, and provision next-generation AI and IoT systems.


AIUI is a software company that develops a graphical NO-CODE tool which helps enterprises create production ready AI, without writing a single line of code, called AIMS - AI Management System.

Service providers

Coral service provider partners offer expertise in designing, integrating and deploying systems that use Coral or Coral enabled systems.

HCL Technologies Ltd.

HCL is a global IT and engineering services company with an expertise in delivering industrialized AI powered solutions across industries


Easy integration of the Coral Edge TPU™ through Upverter’s web based electronic design tool makes embedded AI more accessible to engineers and product designers, allowing better implementation of AI into product designs.


A global services company providing a broad range of solutions to help businesses using advanced digital technologies master the digital reinvention of industry.


DeepMentor is an Edge AI solution provider developing miniaturization technology for converting professional cloud AI algorithms to deploy on edge devices through our DeepLogMaker SaaS.

The Good Penguin

Embedded Linux consultancy specialising in hardware enablement, distribution development, optimisation and fast boot. The Good Penguin supports customers in moving software from prototype to production and beyond.


Online retailers that sell Coral products around the world.

Mouser Electronics

An authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 750 industry-leading manufacturers.


An electronics distributor offering solutions for over 200,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers around the world.


An Internet-based enterprise that sells books, music, movies, housewares, electronics, and many other goods to millions of customers. U.S. only.


An IoT hardware enabler, offering numerous hardware platforms, sensor modules, manufacturing and customization services.


An authorized Coral distributor that provides AI edge computing hardware products for educational and consumer markets.


An electronics design and distribution company, focused on making and selling the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels.


A distributor of industrial electronic parts and components, known as the biggest distributor of Raspberry Pi and AIY Kits in Japan. Japan only.


A distributor focusing on IoT, single-board computing and machine learning for European customers. They also offer hardware and software development. EMEA only.


An online retailer manufacturing and selling SBCs, enabling makers, entrepreneurs, industrial designers, developers, educators, and reseller partners by providing access to a range of leading-edge technology.

RS Components

The leading omni-channel provider of industrial, automation and electronics products and solutions to customers across EMEA and Asia Pacific. EMEA only.

Allied Electronics & Automaton

A leading multi channel industrial provider focusing on automation and control. Americas only.


A global electronics company, building next-generation smart technologies to enhance the lives of people everywhere.


A major semiconductor partner with Coral in the creation of the Dev Board and System-on-Module. They also offer an online store for these products.